Stock Fitter’s Bible: Second Edition


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Stock Fitter’s Bible was written for one purpose – to help clay target shooters improve their scores. Following a brief introduction explaining how the book was written and the syntax that is used, is a very short history about the author. That is followed by a history of the stocks on personal guns to introduce the reader to stock (or gun) fitting – how personal guns evolved and eventually, how stock designs changed to fit the evolution of shooting forms and gun designs that have been used during previous centuries. Some principals of shooting forms have been retained and refined while others have been eliminated. Today, coaches and trainers teach specific gun mounts, stances and body postures (shooting forms). To shoot up to your full potential, you must use a good form. To do that, your gun must have stock dimensions that allow someone of your individual size and shape to use the form. If your gun doesn’t fit YOU, a correct form cannot be used. It’s that simple. To help you shoot better, the book describes the elements of good shooting forms and continues with step by step instructions to make your gun fit you, one stock dimension at a time. When you are shooting a well fitting gun, the benefits will include (among others), smoother and more accurate swings, more consistent gun mounts and shooting from one day to the next and reduced felt recoil. The book also explains how to see targets better, how to visually prepare for targets before calling for them, ways to reduce stress and how to postpone fatigue. Since some readers may be unfamiliar with the terms used in stock fitting, a complete, alphabetical glossary will be found at the end of the book. (Don’t guess what a term means, look it up.) Almost anyone can improve their shooting. Stock Fitter’s Bible explains how to do it.

ISBN: 9781451570380
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