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“Dearest Reader, By the end of this story, several people whom you’ve come to know and love will be dead. This is your last chance to back out. Thoughtfully Yours, on behalf of the Porter and the Olsen Families, the unluckiest families in the world.” Someone ripped the townhouse off the end of the row and shook it. At least, that’s how it seemed to the Porter Family. Mark lost his job at the auto parts store and Freya had a psychotic break just weeding through the carpet for glass. Chairs were upended. Their son’s doctors got his nerves crossed and left Reddy blind and deaf. His parents installed a lock on his door to keep him safe. The windows turned into skylights. Curtains hung from the ceiling and now, if one had on slippery socks, they would glide straight to the bathroom. The Porters were still rearranging the family photos when Aleksia moved in. That is to say: it wasn’t exactly the best timing. Stitches is a Southern Gothic tale about two cursed families, one living in poverty with a deaf and blind child, the other consumed by suicidal temptations. Unflinching and nerve-rattling, the story dips into the dark corners between characters as we watch the only hopeful future imaginable -a budding relationship between cousins.

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