Stewards of the Future: A Guide for Competent Boards


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Publisher: Barlow Publishing
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Climate- and ESG-competent boards are in high demand by investors and other stakeholders. In fact, climate change and other environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues have become some of the biggest challenges faced by 21st-century board directors.

Today’s boards must contend with a wide range of stakeholders who can affect the fortunes of a company–customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, politicians, activists, and social-media influencers, among others.

This book demonstrates that for long-term profits and sustainability, boards need to not only define the purpose of their company in society but have the insight to ask the right questions of management on complex issues such as climate change, ESG, corruption, cybersecurity, human trafficking, supply-chain resilience, and much more.

With insightful contributions from over one hundred world experts, this book provides board members and executives with a practical guide on what is required today to develop thriving, future-fit organizations.

The insights shared in this book have one common message: the companies with the best chance of surviving and thriving will be guided by leaders with the foresight, knowledge, and determination to tackle the daunting challenges that confront all of humankind.

ISBN: 9781988025766
Publisher: Barlow Publishing
Pub Date: 01/2022
Format: Hardcover

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