Stephen McCranie’s Space Boy Volume 10



The origin of Space Boy revealed

Deep in space, the Arno closes in on their destination…the artifact. Oliver spends his days in school, with his little brother, and battling Wargles After his father, Wyatt, gave him a family heirloom, a compass, Oliver fears he broke it when the needle starts spinning uncontrollably. This new discovery alarms his father who begins to suspect that the ship they all live on may be in grave danger. However, Wyatt’s warnings and suspicions only bring dismissal and rebuke from his superiors along with a demotion to the maintaince crew. Will Wyatt and Oliver figure out what’s happening to the Arno in time to save everyone?

A sci-fi drama of a high school aged girl who belongs in a different time, a boy possessed by emptiness as deep as space, an alien artifact, mysterious murder, and a love that crosses light years.

ISBN: 9781506718842
Publisher: Dark Horse Books
Pub Date: 07/2021
Format: Paperback
Weight: 0.83lbs

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Weight 0.83 lbs
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