Stephen Curry: A Sharpshooter’s Journey to the NBA & Beyond

Author: Steve James



Do you wish you could shoot a basketball like a future Hall of Fame superstar? Discover the insider secrets, training techniques, and daily workouts of one of the NBA’s sharpest shooters.

Are you embarrassed to show off your shot on the basketball court? Are you fed up with time-consuming drills that haven’t improved your game? Author Steve James spent his youth analyzing professional athletes and documenting the practices of successful players. In this comprehensive biography, James reveals all of Stephen Curry’s incredible shooting methods, training workouts, and specific practice programs.

In Stephen Curry: A Sharpshooter’s Journey to the NBA & Beyond, you’ll discover the exact methods used by NBA superstar Stephen Curry that will show you how to shoot with deadly accuracy. James’ insightful basketball biography dives deep into Curry’s workouts and drills, setting out a blueprint for you to follow and get incredible results.

In Stephen Curry, you’ll discover:

  • A comprehensive analysis of Curry’s life and disciplines including his motivational rituals
  • Exactly how many shots you need to take per day to develop pro skills
  • Curry’s secret training regimens he uses to continue improving his game
  • The famous dribbling method that sets Curry apart from all others
  • The insider secrets that have allowed Curry to dominate the game and much, much more

Stephen Curry is a comprehensive unpacking of the daily disciplines, workout secrets, and basketball sharpshooting skills that make Curry the NBA showstopper he is today. If you like practical techniques, easy-to-understand instructions, and following the exact training methods used by professional athletes, then you’ll love James’ brilliant biography.

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