Start with the Breadsticks: Principles on How to Not Suck: A Book Written for the Radical Pilgrimage

Author: Zac Sweat


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Publisher: Bookbaby
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With clear insight and awareness, Start with the Breadsticks is an interactive workbook that provides step by step guidance and support to help youth find their voice and begin living their true potential. Zac bears his soul and shares his lived experience in depth to help young people understand their power and voice. Each chapter elucidates a clear lesson and encourages the reader to engage in introspection of self and also shows them how to implement this new found awareness of self into their growth.

Start with the Breadsticks is more than a book, it is a journey to profound truth, a challenge to level up, a pocket companion that if used correctly can provide true and lasting holistic growth on this journey through life.

ISBN: 9781098327125
Publisher: Bookbaby
Pub Date: 07/2022
Format: Paperback

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