Spoiled by the King: Practical Steps to Becoming Healthy, Wealthy: Spirit, Soul, and Body.


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Health, happiness, and wealth are God’s will for your life. However, if you feel the pulse of society, you’ll understand that not many have access to this reality. Are you prospering in all things? This book will liberate you from the never-enough mentality to a place of understanding that you can eat your cake and have it in God’s Kingdom. Who says you can’t have it ALL? You can be wealthy, healthy, peaceful, and happy in spirit, soul, and body.
Written in an engaging and insightful style, each page of this book will help you access:
-All that God has in store for you even before the tick of creation’s clock
-Proven truth about wealth and the Kingdom
-Simple but powerful ways to believe God for wealth
-Thriving tools that will help activate your faith
-Spiritual habits for a happier life
-The healing power of God
-Real and lasting peace that only God can give
As you read this book, you’ll realize that God is closer than you think, and you’ll learn how to involve Him in every situation to live a victorious life.

ISBN: 9781667846606
Publisher: Bookbaby
Pub Date: 09/2022
Format: Paperback

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