Spellbook and Guide of Ancient Witchcraft: Spells, Charms, Potions and Enchantments for Wiccans

Author: Shadow Books



A true spell book filled with over 330 ancient spells spanning over 180 pages, with clear instructions for wielding magick the way our ancient ancestors understood it. From cursing and curing to binding a lover right through to casting ‘evil’ spells . You can learn how anceint Witches would conjure prophetic dreams and omens as well as every other imaginable application of the supernatural arts. This is a book of real ancient witchcraft is a real mesmerizing window granting us an accurate vision of their times and way of life. Including some quite grotesque spells which call for the flesh of human corpses or the body parts of animals. Of course any 21st century practitioner there are dozen non-lethal, safe and legal substitutions for any such spell ingredient.

ISBN: 9781726339322
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pub Date: 08/2018
Format: Paperback
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Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.42d

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Weight 0.60 lbs
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