Special Matrices and Their Applications in Numerical Mathematics


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This revised and corrected second edition of a classic book on special matrices provides researchers in numerical linear algebra and students of general computational mathematics with an essential reference.
Author Miroslav Fiedler, a Professor at the Institute of Computer Science of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague, begins with definitions of basic concepts of the theory of matrices and fundamental theorems. In subsequent chapters, he explores symmetric and Hermitian matrices, the mutual connections between graphs and matrices, and the theory of entrywise nonnegative matrices. After introducing M-matrices, or matrices of class K, Professor Fiedler discusses important properties of tensor products of matrices and compound matrices and describes the matricial representation of polynomials. He further defines band matrices and norms of vectors and matrices. The final five chapters treat selected numerical methods for solving problems from the field of linear algebra, using the concepts and results explained in the preceding chapters.

ISBN: 9780486466750
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Pub Date: 08/2008
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