Spanking Stories: The Big Book of Adult Spanking Entertainment

Author: Wendy K


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What she did was inexcusable and now she’s going to get punished

His arm is strong, his body is firm and he’ll be upstairs soon to take care of this matter once and for all As she stands in the corner waiting for her spanking, her untouched bottom is exhibited in all its pristine glory. The pretty lady fidgets in nervous anticipation as she knows soon she’ll be back in the corner but sporting a much redder behind.

Is it a punishment spanking she’s going to get? Looks like it. As she waits naked in their bedroom for the inevitable, she bites her nails nervously while her tummy churns. She knows she’s been bad but thought she could get away with it one more time.

If you had your way would you get spanked (or spank) daily? Maybe a before work spanking to give the spankee something to think about all day. Of course there’d be a welcome home spanking, a ‘I missed you spanking’ and of course a night cap spanking to end the day

Do you and your special someone love going out and buying a new belt? And how about those post-spanking snuggles ?

There’s the spank, and then the post-spank. Do you look forward to what happens after the spanking? Sometimes it’s sex, followed by a shower together, then cuddle time.

Pre-spank and post-spank can be important parts of spanking. Before the spanking begins, does the spanker caress and fondle the target then rub coconut oil or lotion on what will soon be a blazing bottom? Doing that could relax muscles and increase sensitivity to pain thus less spanking force would be needed for the desired sting affect. After the spanking is finally over, the targeted butt could be as red as a ripe tomato The spanker then might rub lotion on those well tanned cheeks and tenderly say “we’re done.” Of course maybe the only after-effect the spankee experiences is exhaustion and a desire to rest in a heap, or if the spankee is bound, just to collapse in the restraints/bondage and enjoy the endorphin rush.

Spanking, spanking and more spanking. This big BDSM-oriented spanking book offers a full plate of adult spanking stories, novellas and knowledge. PS-spot and A-spot orgasm sex manuals are included as bonuses.

There are so many wicked implements that makes your heart throb and yearn for a good spanking From a naughty toy collection what implement would you pick? They all leave special memories. Maybe you’d prefer an implement that lights up each time it makes contact

Your twelve books of discipline are presented in the following order:

1) The Spanking Dictionary (Adult Only Erotica)
2) Spanking Contract & Agreement (Adult Only Erotica)
3) Bare Bottom Spankings (The Las Vegas Spanking Adventure)
4) Regularly Spanked, Strapped and Paddled: The Life of a Female Spanking Mode
5) The Three Day Spanking Party: 18 Girls & 270 Spankings
6) BDSM Sex Slaves
7) 14 Male-Female Anal Sex Stories
8) Central America’s Secret Prison For Submissive Ladies
9) Excuse for Sadism: How the Inquisition Beat the Devil Out of Cathar Women
10) Jenni’s Dilemma

Your two bonus women’s sex manuals are:

11) The PS-Spot Orgasm: Don’t Wait Any Longer For This Kind of Pleasure
12) Women’s Super Sex Secret

Publisher’s Note: This publication contains explicit sexual content and BDSM related themes. The spanking contract is for entertainment purposes only and is not a legal document. This ebook does not have any information about spanking minors.

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