Small Business Taxes 2020: The Beginner Friendly Practical Guide to Understanding Taxes for Your Startup, Sole Proprietorship and LLC Even If You


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Publisher: Anthony Lloyd
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Introducing the EASY Practical Guide to Understanding Small Business Taxes AND Strategies to Legally Minimize Your Taxes (You Could be Losing $1000’s )

Do you want to FINALLY Understand How to Navigate the US Tax System? Do You Want to Streamline Your Taxes so You Can Spend More Time Growing Your Business? Do You Want Simple and Easy Ways to Reduce Your Tax Bill?

We all know how annoying and frustrating doing our taxes can be, but a business that neglects its taxes is quite simply running on borrowed time…

Even small errors and oversights can lead to harsh fines and audits, something you don’t need on your bottom line.

However, developing a solid strategy to keep you in the IRS’s good books is much easier than you think, all you need is understanding and an easy to follow strategy, both of which you’ll find inside.

So, instead of stressing and sweating over your taxes, you can lay the groundwork& foundations now, and then spend your precious time doing what matters- Developing products/ Services your customers will love, growing your business and of course increasing them profits.

So, it’s time to let us help you boost your tax IQ, stay ahead of the curve (we include must know 2020 strategies and changes) and save yourself for what you are good at- creating an amazing business.

Discover everything you need to understand about Small Business Taxes in the first part of the book, then simple, yet extremely effective, tips and strategies to (legally) minimize your tax bill in the second part.

Here’s a slither of what you’ll discover…

  • How Your Business Entity Type Effects Your Taxation (And What Business Type is Best for Your Business Regarding Taxes )
  • The Surprising Ways to Capitalize on The Humane Tendencies of The IRS
  • The BEST Strategies for Managing Your Businesses Payroll Taxes
  • Why Doing Your Taxes Properly Can Actually Add Real Business Value
  • The Must Know Guide to Surviving an IRS Audit (This Could Save You $1000’s)
  • The No-Fuss Way to an Organized Record Keeping System That Will Save You Hours of Time During Tax Season
  • 4 Astounding Strategies to STOP YOU Overpaying on Your Taxes
  • All of The Updated Rules for The 2020 Tax Year (DON’T be Left Behind, The Tax Rules are ALWAYS Changing )
  • The Different Levels of Government Tax and Why Understanding Each One is Essential
  • The Step by Step Guide to PERFECT Record Keeping

And that is barely scratching the surface

Even if you have ZERO tax understanding right now, and even if you have no idea what the difference is between federal and state taxes, or the tax benefits of an LLC compared to a sole proprietor this book outlines exactly how you can understand EVERYTHING you need to know about taxes and how to reduce them as much as you can LEGALLY

So, if you want to save hours during tax season and potentially save $1000’s on your tax bill then scroll up and click “Add to Cart.”

ISBN: 9781989638736
Publisher: Anthony Lloyd
Pub Date: 12/2019
Format: Paperback
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