SHTF Survival Boot Camp: A Course for Urban and Wilderness Survival during Violent, Off-Grid, & Worst Case Scenarios


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The year 2020 has rendered in-person education unachievable in many situations. Going off to take a survival course in Europe is nearly impossible.This doesn’t lessen the need for this type of course. In fact, learning about SHTF survival is more important than ever. The dangers are more imminent than ever.So, Selco has opted to bring the course to us.In this book, you can learn the survival skills that kept Selco alive during the wars in the Balkans in a city under siege. Selco fought to survive in his urban setting against marauding gangs, he evaded sniper fire from the mountains above the city, and he scrambled for the limited resources available.He shares the secrets that allowed him to survive in the course for which this is a textbook. You can learn about urban survival, wilderness survival, what to do before the SHTF, and how to prepare for all of it. Learn the skills he staked his life on. It may not be long before we’re doing the same thing.While most of us won’t be getting to Bosnia anytime soon to learn from Selco directly, this guide is the next best thing to an in-person experience.

ISBN: 9781735870502
Publisher: Banned Books
Pub Date: 11/2020
Format: Paperback
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Weight 1.31 lbs
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