Shorinji Kempo Philosophy: Shorinji Kempo No Tetsugaku


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Discover the secret to a healthy and happy life with Shorinji Kempo’s unique philosophy. This modern Japanese martial art and spiritual discipline, founded by the Zen Buddhist monk and soldier Doshin So in 1947, teaches how true strength and happiness can be achieved through a combination of physical and mental practice. Stressing the importance of a balance between robust self-reliance and compassionate interaction with others, it is the true heir to the ancient Shaolin temple tradition of the pursuit of enlightenment through martial arts training.

This book contains practical advice for students of the art as well as more universal teachings concerning the value of self-discipline, the indissoluble link between body and mind and how helping others and improving yourself are the key to a happy life, lessons that will resonate with practitioners and the general reader alike. With a foundation in Zen Buddhism but drawing on sources from the ancient Greek philosophers to modern psychology, Shorinji Kempo Philosophy shows how the unique combination of tough but enjoyable training in self-defence techniques, combined with an ongoing philosophical and spiritual enquiry into the true nature of reality, can make and keep you strong, flexible, self-reliant and joyful in both mind and body.

ISBN: 9781916131903
Publisher: Bskf
Pub Date: 12/2019
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Weight 1.11 lbs
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