Shirts Off Our Backs, Boots Off Our Feet: How Leadership Enables Logistics and Supply Chain Execution and Gives You the Edge to Win

Author: Larry Wyche



The author was inspired to write Shirts Off Our Backs, Boots Off Our Feet by the dedicated men and women who serve in the Department of Defense’s logistics and supply chain organization. Their commitment and success saves lives and ensures ammunition, food, fuel and supplies are delivered on time – all around the globe – regardless of the terrain, weather, distances, or the challenges of combat. Shirts Off Our Backs, Boots Off Our Feet is for leaders, logisticians and supply chain professionals who are obsessed with customer support and with creating value for the organizations they serve.
Now retired, LTG General Wyche trains corporate executives, business owners and entrepreneurs in the strategies and best-practices employed by the US military. The author’s inspirational personal and professional story will resonate with military service members and those in the public and private sectors who are dedicated to becoming better logisticians and supply chain professionals and leaders.

You Will Learn:

– The right mindset drives logistics and supply chain excellence
– The significance of a clear organizational purpose and vision
– How to ‘become comfortable being uncomfortable’ when making difficult decisions
– Planning and decision-making tools for military and business leaders
– The increasing importance of Cybersecurity and Enterprise Resource Planning for logisticians
– Lessons in overcoming logistics challenges in the toughest environments like Afghanistan
– The unique role leadership plays in the logistics and supply chain professions

ISBN: 9781949758368
Publisher: Emerge Publishing Group, LLC
Pub Date: 11/2019
Format: Paperback
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