Shattered Bones: Volume 1

Author: Justin Brown


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Publisher: Bookbaby
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Three marriages and four lives that have been intertwined with secrets, lust, and secret underlying anger. But what happens when the foundations begin to crack? What seemed to be the beautiful portrait to the outside world is actually the perfect storm that causes decimation to all that it touches? Will bones shatter or will they heal and become stronger than before?

A household is only as string as it’s foundation. The same can be said about the bones in our body. Dennis is a well put together man. He seems to have a stable home until he is left with a decision that can break the stability that holds his friendships and his marriage together, His Bones. As life continues to revolve, he remains stuck at a cross road. Should he fall into the temptations of life and risk the chances of creating more fractures, or should he aim to heal all of his wounds to become something greater than his past?

ISBN: 9781667855127
Publisher: Bookbaby
Pub Date: 09/2022
Format: Paperback

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