Sensitive Warrior: 10 Ways to Respond When You’re Called “Overly Sensitive”


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#1 AMAZON BESTSELLER & 2019 SPR AWARD FINALIST. STOP APOLOGIZING FOR BEING SENSITIVE. THIS HUMOROUS, SHORT SELF-HELP BOOK IS FOR HIGHLY SENSITIVE ADULTS, PARENTS & TEENS, INDIGO ADULTS & TEENS, EMPATHS & FEELERS WHO ARE READY TO WARRIOR-UP YOUR CONFIDENCE & VOICE, SO YOU CAN PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN & SAY: KNOCK IT OFF WITH THE SHAMING. WHO DIED & MADE YOU THE GOD OF SENSITIVITY? An entertaining deep dive into unblocking your voice, feeling confident about the beautiful & important trait of sensitivity, & asserting boundaries in the face of sensitivity shaming. By the end of it, you’ll learn: *Why sensitive is strong & tough isn’t. *Implied messages in put-downs. *10 easy responses that can stop sensitivity shaming. And more. Some use humor, some bring fire, some simply speak truth. It’s up to you. You deserve to live a shame-free life. Use that powerful voice & be your own sensitive warrior. Gift yourself or a loved one this book Because life’s too short to spend it feeling badly about who you are. Be unapologetically sensitive. A book for individuals and families.

ISBN: 9781734529920
Publisher: Julia Rose Wild LLC
Pub Date: 01/2020
Format: Paperback
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