Self-Love Journal: A Journey to Inner Peace and Happiness

Author: Akal Pritam



This is your journal: Use it to write and rewrite your creative destiny, to tell the love story of YOU. Fill the pages with your essence, your love, your hopes, and all your very precious heart dreams. Write and draw on the pages at will–over the art and through the pages with paint, collage, and doodles. Play, daydream, and pour out all of your wild, untamed ideas.

Created by Akal Pritam, the Self-Love Journal draws from the wisdom and artwork of her bestselling dharma art book Self-Love and is both a companion and stand-alone journal. The beautiful full-color illustrations, poetry, positive affirmations, and inspiring wisdom throughout encourage creative self-expression, self-reflection, and exploration of your creative destiny. This journal serves as a tool and workbook for going deep into self-love, chakra healing, emotional wellness, and body understanding.

The journal is divided into the seven chakras, offering an opportunity to move through these energy centers and clear out any un-love. Use the letter page and envelope contained within to write yourself a love letter from your heart to your soul, to make a promise, or a wish. Your dharma is a promise to fulfil.

This short and delicious life is yours, so don’t waste any time doubting your worth or calling. You are here for divine creative purpose, and this journal will help you to celebrate your own creative rhythm.

ISBN: 9781925924459
Publisher: Rockpool Publishing
Pub Date: 03/2021
Format: Paperback
Weight: 1.24lbs
Size: 9.10h x 7.00w x 0.80d

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Weight 1.24 lbs
Dimensions 9.10 × 7.00 × 0.80 in