Segues into Truth


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If you are an alcoholic, or a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, you must read this book!

Segues into Truth: A Novel is about a suicidal, end stage alcoholic, at the end of his rope-literally! Dr. Parks delves into the horrors of alcoholism and the wonders of redemption, in this introspective and detailed novel. He tries to capture the psychological and spiritual aspects of the AA program. The main character in this story is a fictional composite of all the alcoholics Dr. Parks has had the pleasure of knowing. It was during his working with alcoholics that he developed his expertise in the AA program. This book is also unique in the way that it introduces and deals with the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, and will appeal to anyone who has ever known or who is an alcoholic.

About the Author

Dr. Parks is a retired psychiatrist and addictionologist. He currently lives in Taylorville, Illinois. This is his first novel.

According to recent studies, one in ten Americans meets the diagnostic criteria for alcoholism. This translates into thirty-three million alcoholics in the United States. The annual cost of the problem of alcoholism to the people of our country is estimated to be two hundred and forty-nine billion dollars per year. Recent studies also show that-over time-75 percent of Alcoholics Anonymous members are able to remain sober.

When Dr. Parks was training as a psychiatry resident, he and his fellow students were told not to waste their time trying to treat alcoholics. His professors simply instructed him to refer these patients to Alcoholics Anonymous. Alcoholics Anonymous is considered the most practical and effective treatment for alcoholism, among the helping professions.

ISBN: 9781648045141
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Pub Date: 05/2021
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