Secrets of Power, Volume I: Individual Empowerment vs The Societal Panorama of Power and Depowerment

Author: Ingo Swann



Most books about power only deal with the societal formula of the few having power over the enormously larger powerless masses, and which is mistaken as the so-called “natural order of power.”

But it is not well understood that this formula also requires social conditioning measures aimed at perpetuating the continuing depowerment of the powerless so that the powerful CAN have power over them.

This in turn requires the societal suppression and secretizing of all knowledge about the superlative human powers known to exist in individuals of the human species, but which are socially forced into latency in most.

It is broadly understood that power and secrecy go together, but the scope of the “web” of secrets surrounding the larger nature of human power(s) is surprising. As discussed in this Volume I of SECRETS OF POWER, empowerment is difficult if the larger panorama of societal power and depowerment are not more full understood.

ISBN: 9781949214314
Publisher: Swann-Ryder Productions, LLC
Pub Date: 09/2018
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Weight 1.01 lbs
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