Secret of Instant Healing


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Publisher: Hay House
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Over the last few years, innovative self-help methods have convinced many people of a new worldview. Quantum Entrainment(R) (QE) is the newest development in this area: QE works with gentle touch that quietly activates the autonomic nervous system to spontaneously and naturally create an atmosphere in which deep healing can take place.

This amazing self-help method is easy to use and needs no previous knowledge–it can be applied by everyone And what is most astonishing: not only does the treated individual receive deep, restful healing; but the person who is using QE will also experience an immediate, prolonged sense of well-being. Give it a try–you will be surprised by how powerful Quantum Entrainment is Quantum Entrainment: – Works in minutes- Is easily taught- Requires no special training- Even works on pets

ISBN: 9781401931940
Publisher: Hay House
Pub Date: 06/2011
Format: Paperback
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Weight 0.38 lbs
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