Scent-Sational Perfume Recipes: A Complete Recipe Book of the Very Best Scents!



Isn’t scent a wonderful thing? It’s powerful, too. Scent can evoke emotions and memories, and even change the level of attraction between people. Your sense of smell is so powerful that you are 100x more likely to recall something you smell than something you touch, see or hear. That’s why perfume is so popular. Perfume is big business, too. But they use many chemicals in the production of their scents. That’s a great reason to make your own perfumes at home. The recipes in this book will help. When you want a viable alternative to perfumes bought in stores, you’ll be happy to have many recipes from which to choose in making your own. Essential oils, herbs and flower petals can all be used to add appealing scents to DIY perfumes. These recipes won’t include a TON of essential oils, because stocking up on all the oil scents available could become quite expensive. Experiment, and add your favorite essential oils if you like. Be sure to read the Introduction section, which explains about base notes, middle notes and top notes, so you’ll know how essential oils will interact with each other when you’re making your own perfumes. In this book, you’ll find recipes that are easy to complete at home, and the oils that make them will be valuable to you. Turn the page and let’s make some unforgettable perfumes

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Pub Date: 09/2019
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