Saiyuki: The Original Series Resurrected Edition 1


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Publisher: Kodansha Comics
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One Man, Three Yokai, and a Dragon on a Road Trip to Hell The boys are back, in 400-page hardcovers that are as pretty and badass as they are. This hit adventure, which blends mythology from around the world into a classic adventure story, has been out of print for years, and this collector’s edition is a fitting celebration of its return

Genjo is a Buddhist priest in the city of Shangri-La, which is being ravaged by yokai spirits that have fallen out of balance with the natural order. His superiors send him on a journey far to the west to discover why this is happening and how to stop it. His companions are three yokai with human souls. But this is no day trip — the four will encounter many discoveries and horrors on the way, and on the road, Genjo will wonder… can he really trust his supernatural companions?

ISBN: 9781632369680
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Pub Date: 02/2020
Format: Hardcover
Weight: 1.30lbs
Size: 8.30h x 5.70w x 1.60d

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Weight 1.30 lbs
Dimensions 8.30 × 5.70 × 1.60 in