Sagas of the Space Wolves: The Omnibus


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Publisher: Games Workshop
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Bumper Omnibus collecting together some of Black Library’s most loved Space Wolves stories for the first time.

Born on the icy world of Fenris, few amongst the brotherhoods of the Adeptus Astartes are as fierce or as noble as the Space Wolves. Long are their tales, told around mead halls or the flickering glow of a hungry fire. Heed them well, for they speak of legends like the Young King Ragnar Blackmane, whose thirst for battle is only matched by his heroism, or the Wolf Lord Logan Grimnar that most venerable and fearsome of warriors, he who leads the Chapter itself. So listen hard and listen carefully to the skald as he holds forth around the burning fire, because there is darkness in these sagas as well as light.

This omnibus edition collects together for the first time the novels Ragnar Blackmane, Curse of the Wulfen, Legacy of Russ and The Hunt for Logan Grimnar as well as the novellas Blood on the Mountain and Arjac Rockfist, and a host of short stories.

ISBN: 9781789990843
Publisher: Games Workshop
Pub Date: 03/2020
Format: Paperback
Weight: 1.40lbs
Size: 7.70h x 5.10w x 2.30d

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Weight 1.40 lbs
Dimensions 7.70 × 5.10 × 2.30 in