RV and Travel Trailer Preppers Long Term Survival Bug Out Skills Camping Guide: Grid Down, The Worst Day In US History

Author: Ron Foster


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There will possibly come a day I woefully imagine in the near future when you might find yourself in a darkened world alongside a road. The road might not end but you can go no further. You will be far from home and find yourself without gas, food, banks, Law Enforcement or hospital care because a manmade or natural disaster such as a EMP (Electromagnetic pulse) has shut the power grid off nationwide for a indeterminate length of time. You wonder what to do next. Let’s hope this scenario never comes about or ever happens, but if it does you will find that at a light speed pace you have finally reached the proverbial end of the road in the realist sense ever. Doom awaits the ill informed or ignorant. Society will be collapsing, murder and mayhem rule in the streets and the real survival has just now started at your little formerly peaceful campsite day one. Do you have in that prepared mind of yours all the relevant skills, tools on hand, manuals or references to survive before the food runs out? How about after it runs out, what then? Can you protect your goods today with any degree of certainly from other survivors who are just as hungry and desperate as you are? Do you have the tools that you need to keep you warm and fed through the winter?Do you think that you have the proper survival mindset and prepper bushcraft skills necessary to make it anywhere in the U.S. no matter where your own personal road has led you to so far? Could you, or should I say would you, if you had to walk away from your expensive recreational vehicle with just what you could carry in a knapsack make it more than a month on your own? Do you know how to turn your vehicle or camper into a portable survival retreat before a disaster even strikes to maximize your chances of surviving long term in some degree of comfort?This book covers all of this and so much more Learn military grade survival skills along with the proper prepper repurposing insights to not only survive, but possibly thrive in what for most unskilled survivors would be a very hostile environment. Learn some serious prepper logic and some neat solar survival hacks to put you miles ahead of destitute masses trying to get by also in a mega disaster. Enjoy your recreation now out in the great and truly wonderful outdoors as is, but add the prepper hobby of information collecting and pantry watching for that black swan day. The information in this book is presented so that you may be less worried about potential mega-disasters and more self-confident as you stand in the face of adversity with answers, skills and wisdom rather than regrets, remorse and scared rabbit reactions.Please note this book draws heavily from my other book, the Backyard survival guide but this one is upgraded to cover motor homes, pop up trailers etc. and contains more advanced applications of survival mindset techniques

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