Riddles for Smart People: 100+ Original Puzzles to Solve with Friends


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While we all love classic riddles (wait, the doctor was the mother?), expert riddle solvers deserve some new material. Riddles for Smart People includes several types of original, never-before-seen riddles for adults: lateral thinking puzzles, “What am I?” rhyming riddles, seemingly impossible stories, wordplay riddles, and more.

These 100+ riddles are designed to:

  • Help you think creaively
  • Challenge your preconceptions
  • Improve your problem-solving skills
  • Expand your vocabulary

But mostly, they’re just fun

You can complete this book on your own, but riddles are always more fun with friends and family. I highly recommend getting a small group of people together (in-person or virtually) and taking turns being the Riddle Master. That way you get the chance to provide clues to the solvers, as well as witnesses to your genius when you solve a puzzle.

Please note: these riddles are written for adults. Most readers will find them quite challenging. However, none of the content is inappropriate for children, especially those aged 13 and up. Several of the riddles involve murder or untimely death, so parents, use your discretion.

Each of the 100+ riddles is immediately followed by the answer, so there’s no flipping back and forth between pages or scrolling wildly through your e-book device. You’re also provided with three hints per story, each more useful than the last, to help you in case you get stuck.

These 100+ brainteasers will challenge your intellect, make you laugh (or at least groan), and keep you guessing There’s never a bad time for mental exercise– so what are you waiting for?

This is the first book in the “Books for Smart People” series.

ISBN: 9798697405222
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