Research Methodology: A Handbook for Beginners


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“Research in social sciences is a systematic investigation process that is employed in order to increase or revise current knowledge.” Research in social sciences, especially in business management is conducted from undergraduate level onwards. Even though there are several text books and readings available in the area of ‘Research Methodology’, there is a strong need for a quick reference in this area. This book serves as a quick reference for students of business management, especially for those who are beginning to pursue their thesis at undergraduate and master’s level. This is a hand book for beginners in academic research. It answers several questions in selecting research design, reviewing of literature, analysis of data and report writing. The author has made an attempt to present this book in a precise and easy to understand manner for beginners. It is a must for those who have just begun to pursue research.

ISBN: 9781947752832
Publisher: Research Methodology
Pub Date: 09/2017
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