Reclaimed: New Homes from Old Materials


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Publisher: Thames & Hudson
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Bricks can be cleaned, timber hardens with age, and metal develops a pleasing patina without deteriorating, making them all perfect for reuse. Considering the many options for reusing building materials, this book offers a viable alternative to using those manufactured from virgin resources. This inspiring book is an antidote to the unsustainable use of materials, focusing on contemporary homes made with reused components or materials that might once have been considered waste. Divided into four key categories–brick, timber, metal, and a range of recycled materials–every home showcases design ingenuity and award-winning architecture.

Featuring twenty-four unique houses and apartments, from a barn-inspired house made entirely with reclaimed bricks to a semidetached Edwardian with recycled benchtops and cabinets made from plastic chopping boards and bottle tops, every project shows what can be achieved with creativity and flair. Reclaimed showcases clever design while celebrating the myriad possibilities of closely aligning building with ethics and sustainability.

Including advice on how to source existing resources and support a circular economy, Reclaimed is a valuable guide for those planning to build or renovate a stylish and environmentally responsible new home.

ISBN: 9781760763145
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Pub Date: 01/2023
Format: Hardcover

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