Real Ghost Stories: The Best Terrifying Real Ghost Stories From Around in the World (A Haunting Collection of True Paranormal Encounters)

Author: Shawn Magee



Have you ever seen an unexplained shadow or a quick flash of a face in a window when there was no one else around? We always seek logical explanations for weird occurrences, yet the truth is that ghost stories do not appear out of nowhere.

For decades, ghost stories have been a popular element of civilizations all around the world, but how many of them are true?

Understanding ghost stories allows us to better grasp the myths and traditions that run through all cultures, as well as connect us to a larger universe than we might imagine.

Get into the spirit of things, if you will, with such chillingly readable tales as:

  • A stroll in the park that turned to terror in On The One Hand…
  • An anniversary break that almost broke a husband and wife in Floored…
  • A dream home that housed a fiend in The Bad Man…
  • The horror that waited below in Going Underground…
  • A reminder to be careful what you wish for in Not In My Back Yard…

These are only a examples of the paranormal phenomena you will read about on these pages.

Prepare yourself to see cemeteries in a completely new way. Don’t read this in the dark, and think hard before disrespectfully entering any of these graves; you might not make it out with your sanity.

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Pub Date: 12/2022
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