Real Estate is Hot Fundraising is Not: 5 Keys to Revolutionize How Charities & Champions Fund Causes, Careers, Companies & Communities



A practical playbook for real and meaningful transformation. Real Estate is HOT, Fundraising is NOT, is the transformation for the causes you care about, your work, and your life. Transformation isn’t about small adjustments. (Small doesn’t cut it.) Transformation is about “going BIG!” Yes, it’s nice when someone writes a $50 check to a worthy cause, but it’s not transformational. The hard reality is that meaningful change for the important causes in your life won’t come from ten dollars here or twenty there. Instead, they will come with transformational funding that gives worthy charities the resources to create meaningful change in our world. Where does this major transformational funding come from? It comes from major gifts of assets-not from pocket change. When it comes to assets, the “500-pound gorilla” in most Americans’ portfolios is not a checking account. It’s not even CDs or savings bonds. It is, and always has been, one asset: real estate. That’s how most Americans build real wealth. That’s how most Americans hold real wealth. If we are going to create transformational change for important causes in our country, we must “go big!” Going big means focusing on the biggest assets…charitable gifts of real estate. The numbers are clear. Transformational philanthropy comes from major assets like real estate.

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Publisher: Transform Publishing
Pub Date: 11/2022
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