RAISE Your Value


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RAISE Your Value is the ultimate guide to elevating your A&E firm out of the trap of commoditization.

Your staff are navigating difficult conversations around fees and pricing every day. Pressures from existing and potential new clients to lower fees often force your team to give away profits and avoid asking for change orders to get the work and “be competitive.”

This groundbreaking book introduces the 5-Step RAISE Your Value formula, a framework for guiding A&E leaders and their teams to uncover their Unique Value Proposition and execute a strategy to leverage it into a Winning Advantage.

In this how-to guide, author June Jewell unpacks the mindset and business practices that are causing your A&E firm to compete on price and provides 5 clear steps to transform your team and selling practices to increase profits and raise your firm’s value!

Inside, you’ll discover:

– Why working with clients that don’t share your values is causing problems and lowering your profits

– How to get your team to STOP competing on price and start winning on value

– The exact steps to uncover your hidden value and leverage it into a Winning Advantage

– The key to creating a Proprietary Process that instantly differentiates your services with ideal clients

– How to develop a value-driven strategy to get better clients and be more competitive

– A step-by-step execution plan to transform your firm culture, attract better clients and raise your fees!

Read RAISE Your Value today!

ISBN: 9780988382442
Publisher: Aec Business Solutions, LLC
Pub Date: 08/2022
Format: Paperback
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