Raiders of the Dark Coast (Rise of the Thrall Lord Book Three)

Author: F. P. Spirit


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Publisher: F. P. Spirit
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A horde of demons from the Abyss. A dread master of the undead. A choice between saving a single city versus the entire world.

Raiders of the Dark Coast is the third book in the Rise of the Thrall Lord (ROTL) series. Earlier in the series, the companions wrested the tower in the mists from the empress of the damned and her undead army. Having secured that tower, an even greater task now lays before them.

Demons still hold the tower in the mountains and are using it to summon more of their kind. As if that weren’t enough, five more towers exist as powerful as the first. If the demons take any of one of them, then nothing can stop them from destroying Arinthar and all life on it.

The problem is demons are not your normal monsters. Even the Princess of Lanfor with her powerful airship and army of dragons, fall before their might. Only one chance remains to defeat them; find or forge weapons of great power, demon slaying weapons like those of legend.

Rumors of the magic needed point to the dangerous Pirate Coast. At the same time, Penwick has come under attack by what might be one of the dread Thrall Masters. Can the companions protect Lloyd’s home city and still find the magic they so sorely need before demons overrun their world?

ISBN: 9781736437735
Publisher: F. P. Spirit
Pub Date: 06/2022
Format: Paperback
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Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.92d

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Weight 1.33 lbs
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