Race and Repast: Foodscapes in Twentieth-Century Southern Literature



Race and Repast: Foodscapes in Twentieth-Century Southern Literature examines the literary foodscapes of the American South–from Jim Crow-era kitchens where White and Black Southerners reacted against racial mores, to the public dining spaces where Southerners probed the limits of racial identity, to the lunch counters that became touchstones of the Black Freedom movement. Mining literary texts by iconic authors like Ernest Gaines and Walker Percy to demonstrate that “food reflects and refracts power,” Urszula Niewiadomska-Flis wields food studies as a revelatory lens through which to view a radically segregated society that was often on the cusp of violence. Niewiadomska-Flis also provides a rich and succinct introduction to scholarship in Southern studies and food studies, making Race and Repast a compelling read that offers countless insights to experts as well as readers exploring these areas of research for the first time.

ISBN: 9781682262191
Publisher: University of Arkansas Press
Pub Date: 12/2022
Format: Paperback

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