Putting by the Numbers: A Quantitative Method of Lag Putting


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Are you looking to better your golf score? You can achieve this goal by improving your lag putting. In Putting by the Numbers, author Bob Labbe provides a quantitative method of lag putting applicable for all golfers whether recreational, amateur, or professional. It can you help you reduce your score by four to five strokes per round regardless of skill level.

This method is based upon science, including physics and engineering mechanics, but is simplified and reduced to an arithmetic method anyone can use if able to do simple arithmetic in their head quickly. Putting by the Numbers provides a video trailer and an on-course and in-home practice video that fully demonstrates the method that can be used to play on any golf course throughout the world.

No new equipment or change in your putting stroke is needed, just the willingness to practice in and around the putting green to develop your unique power factor to overcome the frictional surfaces encountered during play.

ISBN: 9781665717366
Publisher: Archway Publishing
Pub Date: 03/2022
Format: Paperback
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Weight 0.27 lbs
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