Prevention and Contingencies: A Simple Guide to Process Management

Author: Steve King


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Publisher: iUniverse
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Why is it some managers are so good at managing their teams and so good at managing individuals on their teams, yet productivity seems to lag below expectations? The likely suspect … failure to proactively manage work processes. Workplace productivity is the by-product of many factors, but the two most important of those factors may be people and processes. We often shower managers with resources to build their people management skills yet provide little in the way of building their process management skills. This book is about balancing the scales and treating the efficacy of work processes as the natural counterpart to excellent people management. With some thoughtful attention to the way our processes are constructed and some well-placed preventative and contingent measures, all of us, with the help of our teams, can thoughtfully manage process and improve team performance. Prevention and Contingences: A Manager’s Guide to Process Management is your step-by-step manual for keeping your work processes tuned-up and operating at full capacity.

ISBN: 9781663204462
Publisher: iUniverse
Pub Date: 07/2020
Format: Paperback
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