Prepper’s Pantry: The Survival Guide To Modern Day Emergency Food & Water Storage

Author: Steve Plant


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You have heard a lot about prepping and emergency food storage, but what is it really? How do you know what you need or how much you need? When you see images on television or on the internet of these well-stocked prepper food pantries, it can be a little overwhelming. Hundreds of cans of food, boxes and boxes of pasta and gallons of water lined up on a shelf seems like a lot of work. To be perfectly honest, it is, but it can be done with a little guidance and due diligence. This book will help walk you through what it takes to build up an emergency food storage supply that will carry your family through the aftermath of a disaster. When store shelves are empty and there is no hope of the shelves being stocked in the immediate future, you have to rely on yourself and what you have put into your own prepper pantry. Building up a supply of food that will last your family for a few months is great, but your long term food pantry goal is one year. One year’s worth of food on hand to take care of your family. You are also going to need some help when it comes to storing water. Water is a necessity, but it is cumbersome. You will find some ideas to help you meet your water needs. What will you do when your food supply runs low? Don’t worry, this guide has you covered and will explain scavenging and why you need to be prepared to do it.

ISBN: 9781505239034
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Pub Date: 11/2014
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