Precision Long Range Shooting And Hunting: Getting started, caliber and equipment choices


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Quite simply, you have just found the best book series to learn about Long Range Shooting and HuntingThis book series is aimed at anyone who wants to get into Long Range Shooting and become a better shooter, period.

In the First Volume of the Ultimate Guide to Long Range Precision Shooting And Hunting we help you save money and time with your equipment choices. You will learn how to maintain your equipment and to start building your DOPE and ballistic tables. Volume One is ideal to get started in the sport. It explains the terminology and units of measurement (like MOA and MIL) along with details about ammunition and equipment to suit your mission.

Each element is explained in detail, helping you make the right informed decisions.


  • An Introduction to Long Range Shooting
  • Choosing a Caliber and Ammunition
  • Choosing a Precision Rifle
  • Choosing “Glass” (Optics)
  • Essential Tools and Accessories
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Ballistics and Dope
  • Ongoing Learning and Practice


  • How to be a safe and confident long range shooter.
  • How to choose the right rifle for your personal “mission”.
  • Good glass does make a difference – across scopes, range finders and binocular.
  • The math part is really not that big of a deal, especially if you have the right tools.
  • Wind is the big equalizer.


  • What is long range shooting and how do I “ring” steel at 1000 yards?
  • How to choose the right caliber, rifle and associated gear I need to get started?
  • Advice on buying a scope and precision rifle, including detailed discussion on the options and accessories.
  • How to set up and use the equipment needed for long range.
  • Explanation of ballistics and the associated techniques required to get on target.
  • Explanation and use of MOA and MILs/MRAD systems.
  • A detailed explanation of the fundamentals of precision shooting.
  • How to read the wind and use tools to make adjustments requirements for long range.
  • How to clean and maintain your rifle.

Much much more, with over 300 pages of easy to absorb illustrations, images and expert guidance.

Even when you attend a practical course or go to the range, it will save you time and allow you to focus on success.

This book series will make you a better shooter, period. It is an investment in the most powerful weapon, in being able to achieve success in long range shooting, that’s you

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