Practical Qin Na Part 3: The Essence of Qin Na – Forms & Applications

Author: Tom Bisio



Practical Qin Na Part 3: The Essence of Qin Na Forms & Applications is the third and final volume of Master Zhao Da Yuan’s magnum opus on the art of Qin Na (Capturing and Seizing). This book builds on volumes one and two by detailing the solo hand and weapons forms that develop the internal body mechanics for correct performance of Qin Na techniques, while at the same time providing the practitioner with an encyclopedia of Qin Na techniques that are literally at one’s fingertips. Practical Qin Na Part 3 includes:

– Eight Forms of Upper Seizing and their practical self-defense applications

– Qin Na Yielding Fist – a comprehensive Tai Ji-like form containing countless Qin Na techniques

– Qin Na Yielding Saber

– Qin Na Hand Rolling Saber

– Qin Na Straight Line Saber Two-Person Form

More than 1,200 photos accompany the text, clearly illustrating every movement and numerous applications.

For centuries, Qin Na was a secret family system, only parts of which were taught to outsiders. After teaching this deadly and effective art to the police, military personnel, and elite bodyguards for more than 40 years, Master Zhao breaks with tradition and openly reveals the real secrets of Qin Na to the general public, including the key theories, foundational training methods and solo forms that were in the past taught to only one or two disciples in each generation. Many of these training methods were revealed and openly demonstrated in the earlier volumes of this series Qin Na Part 1: Explanation of the Qin Na Nine Heaven Secret Text and Practical Qin Na Part 2: Foundational Training, Techniques and Methods.

In Practical Qin Na Part 3: The Essence of Qin Na Forms & Applications, Master Zhao’s disciples demonstrate the solo forms that allow one to thoroughly master the art of Qin Na. His disciples not only demonstrate the forms, they also detail the practical self-defense applications of each movement. With the publication of this third book, martial arts enthusiasts now have access to the full scope of Master Zhao’s Practical Qin Na training methods and techniques.

Master Zhao Da Yuan began training martial arts at the age of nine. He has studied Mi Zhong, Shaolin Lo Han Boxing, Tang Lang, Tong Bei, Ba Ji, Cha Chuan, Tai Ji Quan, Xing Yi Quan, and Ba Gua Zhang. Master Zhao studied a family system of Qin Na with Zhang Jin and is a Ba Gua Zhang disciple of the late, great Li Zi Ming. He was the chief martial arts instructor at China People’s Police Officer’s Academy, and over the last 40 years has taught Qin Na and martial arts to the police, military personnel, and elite bodyguards. Master Zhao has written many books on Qin Na, martial arts and police tactics. Now retired, Master Zhao is committed to spreading and preserving the art of Qin Na.

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Pub Date: 06/2021
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