Postsecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives



“A fascinating public airing of private thoughts–some dark, others funny, endearing or disturbing–written on homemade postcards. . . . The range of efforts (meticulous, sloppy, artful, ponderous) will astound you.” –

A fascinating, addictively compelling look at people’s deepest secrets, told through anonymously submitted postcards.

Frank Warren is the founder and curator of the PostSecret project. For the project, which was started in October 2004, Warren asked people to write a secret they had never told anyone on a handmade postcard and mail it to him. He then displayed selected cards–the authors are anonymous–on his website, The response was overwhelming, and the cards are astonishing in their honesty and creativity. Each card bears an intimate, powerful, or even chilling sentiment, told through handmade illustrations, photographs, collages, and other creative means. Among the thousands of amazing cards Warren received are the following messages:

– “Sometimes when I’m having sex with my wife I’m thinking of my mom…”

– “He’s been in prison for two years because of what I did. Nine more to go…”

– “I waste office supplies because I hate my boss.”

– “I am a Southern Baptist pastor’s wife. No one knows that I do not believe in God.”

– “I have to shave my toes… (I am a woman…)”

For the book Warren has personally selected about 300 postcards that powerfully reflect the unique essence of this remarkable project.

ISBN: 9780060899196
Publisher: William Morrow & Company
Pub Date: 11/2005
Format: Hardcover
Weight: 2.48lbs
Size: 10.46h x 7.88w x 1.12d

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Weight 2.48 lbs
Dimensions 10.46 × 7.88 × 1.12 in