Pok?mon Adventures: Black and White, Vol. 3, Volume 3



Awesome adventures inspired by the best-selling Pok mon Diamond and Pearl and Pok mon Platinum video games

Pok mon Trainer Black meets White, a Pok mon Trainer who runs a growing talent agency for performing Pok mon. Will Black catch show biz fever too? Meanwhile, mysterious Team Plasma is urging everyone to release their beloved Pok mon into the wild What are they thinking?

All your favorite Pok mon game characters jump out of the screen into the pages of this action-packed manga

A precious fossil is stolen from the Nacrene Museum Can Black track it down by…following its tracks? Then, mysterious Team Plasma is one step closer to bringing back a Legendary Pok mon. What are they up to? Probably no good

Plus, will Gigi and Tep’s relationship survive…a major change?

ISBN: 9781421561783
Publisher: Viz Media
Pub Date: 03/2014
Format: Paperback
Weight: 0.40lbs
Size: 7.30h x 4.90w x 0.80d

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Weight 0.40 lbs
Dimensions 7.30 × 4.90 × 0.80 in