Author: Jane Austen


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Publisher: Bantam Classics
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Jane Austen’s last completed novel, a brilliantly insightful story of regret, second chances, and the courage to follow our hearts

Anne Elliot is twenty-seven and unmarried–by all accounts a spinster in her time–seemingly doomed to spend the rest of her life waiting on her image-obsessed father and extravagant older sister; attempting to maintain their once lavish, now dwindling family estate; and occasionally babysitting the children of her married younger sister.

It wasn’t always this way, though. When Anne was nineteen, she was in love with and engaged to Frederick Wentworth, a man with no money and few prospects. Anne’s well-meaning family and friends convinced her that a young heiress like herself could do better, so she broke off the engagement. But when chance brings Wentworth and Anne together again eight years later, he is now an accomplished naval captain with an impressive fortune, and Anne must face her feelings for him that remain and consider how different her life could have been if only she hadn’t been so easily persuaded by others.

ISBN: 9780553211375
Publisher: Bantam Classics
Pub Date: 04/1984
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