Parallel Lifetimes: Fluctuations in the Quantum Field: Fireside Series Volume 3 No. 3


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Publisher: JZK Publishing
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Part of Ramtha’s Fireside Series collection library on the topic of parallel universes and creating dramatic change in our life using the principles of quantum physics. A shift in quantum state brings a parallel lifetime, and now everything in that lifetime is different. The relationship to you and your environment is lifted, for what compelled you before is not a compelling influence in the new shift. You are now in a parallel existence. In the parallel existence our mind does not leave our body behind in the old state but rather the body can also live in parallel existences because it is made of quantum material. It is now shifted into the new hall, the new life, and everything is different. What becomes apparent is that the climax that governed your life once before is now at rest. The old climax is not apparent in the new life and its influences are not seen in people, places, things, times, and events. That is the truth. This knowledge is the key to the kingdom of heaven. Ramtha

ISBN: 9781578731152
Publisher: JZK Publishing
Pub Date: 01/2018
Format: Paperback
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