Paganism for Beginners: An Introduction to Pagan Belief



Paganism is a subject that can divide people. Some believe it is an ancient religion that involves devil worship and sacrificial rites that involve naked sacrifices in the forest. Other people believe it is all about love and happiness; people were singing Kumbaya as they scatter flowers before them. The truth is, as with most religions and beliefs, there are many layers to Paganism and the people who follow in the Pagan ways. If you are interested in finding out about their beliefs and ceremonies, then this is the book for you. Dispel the myths and learn the truth behind this fascinating subject. You may feel the call to join the Pagan community, or you may just be curious to find out what Paganism is all about. No matter what your reason, you are sure to be entertained and informed with this informative book on Paganism.

ISBN: 9780648866619
Publisher: Creek Ridge Publishing
Pub Date: 05/2020
Format: Paperback
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