Overcoming Deceit: Expository on the World of Lies and Illussions


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Overcoming Deceit divine book from God to expose the schemings of Satan in deceiving man to his way of darkness. Satan, the adversary of man, is not relenting in his quest to deceive man from the way of God. He is determined to have many perish with him. Sadly, many believers have fallen for him, leading them away from God’s way. Satan is the master of deceit and he makes uses of it in different forms in order to manipulate man. In Overcoming Deceit, Bimpe Gold-Idowu exposed different ways the devil uses, starting from Satan disguising as God, his hosts pretending to be messengers of God. How darkness can showcase itself as Light, to how contrary spirits bring false promises. Vision and prophecy to man in order to lead away from God and render the mission unaccomplished. The deceit of torment looking like a chastised from God, Satan offering a shortcut to success, bringing a better plan than that of God and many more. Pastor Bimpe explained all and provide necessary solutions to overcome each lie and illusion.

ISBN: 9798358717602
Publisher: Independently Published
Pub Date: 10/2022
Format: Paperback
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Weight 0.43 lbs
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