Our Future Uncovered Agenda 2030-2050: Globalist NWO & WEF secrets leaked! The Great Reset – Economic crisis – Global shortages



‘After cyber attack, we will lose our access to the internet’ – ‘Live Free or Die’ now more applicable than ever

The WEF (false flag) cyber attack resulting in a massive blackout in Europe, intended to push through the Great Reset while framing Russia and having a pretext for unleashing World War III, seems close at hand as major countries in Central Asia were hit yesterday by a massive power outage affecting millions. Lights, water, toilets, refrigerators, heating – nothing worked anymore. Countless people got stuck in elevators and ski elevators. Traffic degenerated into chaos. Considering the Western-induced war tensions around Ukraine, the period February-March could become very exciting in this respect as well, especially if it is considered that exactly in this period the EU will ‘practice’ for 6 weeks on a so-called ‘Russian cyber-attack’.

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Pub Date: 04/2022
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