Our Earth, Our Species, Our Selves: How to Thrive While Creating a Sustainable World



Our current environmental crises — most notably, climate change — call on us to upgrade to a new way of life that will sustain us and our world far into the future. When you read this timely, accessible, and thought-provoking book, you will discover:

* We already have the capacities and tools to create a health and environmental revolution.
* Specific actions you and I can take now that will help us and our world prosper — not just in the future, but immediately.
* How the strategies shared in this book can uplift our society and democracy.
* Why creating a high-tech and high-nature way of life could spark an economic boom.

Our scarcest resource is time. With determination and action, we can implement solutions rather than sit on the sidelines suffering harmful impacts. We deserve, and can have, better health and a cleaner environment, a stable climate, healthy ecosystems, sustainable use of resources, and less need for damage control. We have so much to gain. Through science and stories, Our Earth, Our Species, Our Selves makes the case for hope, optimism, and practical solutions we can take individually and collectively to green our technology, green our economy, strengthen our democracy, and create social equality.

Our Earth, Our Species, Our Selves will empower you to know we can meet our challenges and inspire you to take effective actions you’ll want to take. One action the author is taking is donating a portion of the proceeds from this book to the Center for Biological Diversity and the Center for Food Safety.

ISBN: 9781942936558
Publisher: Greenvironment Press
Pub Date: 12/2016
Format: Paperback
Weight: 0.81lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.58d

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Weight 0.81 lbs
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