Oregon Archaeology



Archaeological research has revealed much about Oregon’s history in the last twenty years. “Oregon Archaeology” incorporates this new knowledge, telling the story of Native American cultures in Oregon beginning with the earliest evidence of human occupation about 14,000 years ago and continuing into the nineteenth century. It includes selected studies in contact-historic period archaeology to illustrate aspects of first encounters between Native Americans and newcomers of European and Asian heritage, as well as important trends in the development of modern Oregon.

Oregon’s early human history is linked to four of the five major cultural regions of western North America: the Great Basin, the Columbia Plateau, the Northwest Coast, and California. “Oregon Archaeology” offers a coherent and unified history of an area that is highly differentiated geographically and culturally.

A historical narrative informed by evidence from critical sites, “Oregon Archaeology” is enriched with maps, photographs, line drawings, and an extensive bibliography. “Oregon Archaeology” is an essential reference for archaeology professionals and students, and also for general readers interested in Oregon’s Native American culture and history.

ISBN: 9780870716065
Publisher: Oregon State University Press
Pub Date: 10/2011
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