One Glorious Night


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Publisher: WestBow Press
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Who among us can peer into the future to discern what lies ahead as we work and play in our everyday lives? Only our Creator knows. Most of our days terminate with varying degrees of success; some days strike us as gleefully satisfying as we lay our heads on our pillows at night. Sadly, sometimes fate can turn against us to test our will and fortitudeall so very unexpectedly.

In One Glorious Night, author James R. Fogg Jr. shares his own life-changing experience, where he had to use every available tool in his arsenal to rejoin his dear family and friends. During a thirty-hour stretch from October 18 to October 19, 2016, seventy-eight-year-old James would find himself lost in the woods of Routt National Forest, Colorado, while hunting elk. Only his fine physical shape, undying determination, and strong faith in God would see him through the snow and brutal cold, and his story speaks to the miraculous presence of God to help us when we lose our wayeither literally or spiritually.

Our journeys can be beset with obstacles and challengesand we may even waver with doubt from time to time and find ourselves lostyet God knows where the path will lead, and so it is up to us to walk with him out of the woods.

ISBN: 9781973616023
Publisher: WestBow Press
Pub Date: 01/2018
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