Nuqteh (Vol. II): A New, Easy, and Effective Method to Learn Persian Calligraphy(Nastaliq)

Author: Ali Rouhfar


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The second volume of the book Nuqteh is a completion to the first volume. These two volumes cover all possible connections of letters. One of The advantage of this method is to give learners the confidence of learning like they are with a live instructor. Carefully designed color illustration with graphic pen moves in details, is a big help for not to be misdirected or miss any details which are the most common concern to delay learning. Estimated time to publish the second volume was 18 month after publishing the first volume. Requests, satisfactions, positive feed backs from language professors, and avoiding a gap between these two volumes from the professional perspective, caused to expedite timing for the second volume for 8 month earlier than estimation. Now the book slogan”A New, Easy, And Effective Method” comes to stronger belief. Apart from enhancing and improving calligraphy skills, there is a tremendous meditative potential in Persia calligraphy (NASTALIQ). If you would like to discover this potential and empower yourself in connection with the infinite source of energy, the author has been working on a text book in this respect, but to get benefits out of such book, understanding of flow of letters, how they are formed, where they come from and where they go and many other facts are necessary which are covered in these two volumes. Whether you want to achieve a higher professional calligraphy skill level, or your vision is to the meditative of this mysterious calligraphy, these 2 volumes are available for both and also a good gift to whom might be interested to see what is coming from an ancient empire and like to research and pass their knowledge to others.

ISBN: 9781503229143
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Pub Date: 12/2014
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