Nuclear War Survival Skills and Prepping


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A nuclear war is possibly the most terrible man-made disaster that could happen. Having the knowledge and learning the survival skills required for such an emergency can make the difference between surviving a nuclear war for you and your loved one and not. Be prepare now

A primary characteristic of any armed conflict or war is the destruction of life and property. Countries attempt to protect their civilian populations, both by maintaining a strong military and by establishing internally displaced person (IDP) camps to which refugees can relocate under the care of the government. Personal preparation is, however, just as important, if not more important, towards surviving a war.

Knowing what to do and being prepared beforehand is a crucial way of giving yourself and your family a better survival chance.

The first thing that you will need is information on what to expect and how to prepare. This information will guide your actions. The purpose of this book is specifically to provide the information you need to survive a nuclear war.

Discover some methods of warfare, as well as the different survival techniques used during times of war.

Find out about the different kinds of warfare that have occurred in human history, and that still prevail today. See various statistics and analysis which will give you to more knowledge about what it takes to survive a possible nuclear war and wars overall.

What are nuclear weapons, what effects do they have and who possesses them?

Nuclear weapons are classified as weapons of mass destruction. Ever since they were invented, Governments from around the World have attempted to control how these weapons are developed and used. Nuclear bombs are so powerful that it is possible for a whole city to be devastated by a nuclear device that is the same size as a conventional bomb. Find out much more inside

Reduce your stress and fear, and increase significantly your readiness for surviving a nuclear war by learning the required survival skills and equipment you need. Inside, discover

  • How to build, maintain and use shelters
  • Carbon monoxide and fire protection
  • Preparing supplies of food and water
  • Meters for radioactive fallout
  • Lighting for your shelter
  • Shelter sanitation and preventive medicine
  • Self-treatment and medication
  • Shelter furnishings
  • Having protective and clothing items
  • Ensuring Safety
  • What to do when a war is imminent
  • Things to do before an attack
  • What to do during an attack
  • Minimum pre-crisis preparation

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