Not Pounded By Anything: Six Platonic Tales Of Non-Sexual Encounters

Author: Chuck Tingle


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Across the wide world of the Tingleverse, one thing is clear: love is real. But, for many buckaroos, their preferred kind of love has nothing to do with sex. Whether asexual or just not feeling it at the moment, this collection of completely sexless tales is perfect for the desires of any readers who are looking for a non-sexual trip through the alternate timelines of Dr. Chuck Tingle.NOT POUNDED IN THE BUTT BY ANYTHING AND THAT’S OKAYWhen Ken starts his day late for a very important presentation at work, he has no idea how much this small mistake will change the rest of his life. Soon enough, the handsome man is having several platonic encounters with a Unicorn Butt Cop, his bigfoot boss, and a shirtless dinosaur librarian.Eventually, Ken finds himself on a dinner date with the muscular dinosaur, feasting on a home cooked meal as the two enjoy each other’s presence. But is their connection simply friendship? Or something romantic?One thing’s for sure, it’s definitely not sexual; and that’s okay NOT POUNDED IN THE BUTT BY MY BOOK “NOT POUNDED IN THE BUTT BY ANYTHING AND THAT’S OKAY” AND THAT’S OKAYWorld famous author, Luck Dingle, needs a vacation. Taking a break from the cold of Billings, Luck travels to Hawaii only to discover that the sentient, physical manifestation of his latest book, Not Pounded In The Butt By Anything And That’s Okay, has embarked on a similar journey.NOT POUNDED AT THE LAST SECOND BECAUSE CONSENT CAN BE GIVEN AND REVOKED AT ANY MOMENT AND THIS IS A WONDERFUL THING THAT’S IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTANDBlip is on the way to a white water rafting trip, but he’s nervous about the adventure before it even begins. Fortunately, Blip finds himself with a wonderful and patient guide, a handsome bigfoot named Garto Grims who explains that, while the river may seem like there’s only one path to take, there are actually several forks in the road, and it’s always okay to stop entirely.As the attraction between Blip and Garto mounts, they suddenly find themselves locked in the heat of passion, and when Blip suddenly changes his mind about the encounter, he quickly learns that’s okay DRESSED UP HANDSOME AND NOT POUNDED BECAUSE COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENTClippo loves science fiction, fantasy and comic books, but he’s never managed to make it to a convention; until now. This weekend, Clippo and his friend Jorn are headed to Tinglecon, dressed up real handsome and excited to show off their new outfits.But when someone approaches Clippo inappropriately, security is quickly called. With the T-Rex head of security as his guide, Clippo has a front row seat in observing the world of self-entitled morons who think cosplay is consent. Clippo witness’s a variety of tests that prove time and time again, these idiotic men have no idea what they’re talking about.NICE GUY DINOSAUR DOESN’T POUND ME IN THE BUTT BECAUSE I’M NOT INTERESTED AND HE’S NOT ACTUALLY NICE HE’S JUST ANNOYING AND CREPPY AND DOESN’T RESPECT MY BOUNDARIES WHEN I TELL HIM WE’RE NOT ON A DATEWhen Montan learns that his local comic shop is holding a tournament for one of his favorite, old-school videogames, he desperately wants to go. Unfortunately, tickets have been sold out for a while, but when a fedora-wearing dinosaur named Prenko overhears Montan’s dilemma, he offers an extra ticket.NOT POUNDED BY THE PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION OF MY NEED TO PLEASE EVERYONE BECAUSE SOMETIMES IT’S OKAY TO GIVE BACK TO YOURSELFJoey likes to help the people around him, and he’s proud of that fact, but after fainting at work from exhaustion the man begins to realize that he might be wearing himself out. Unfortunately, when the physical manifestation of Joey’s need to please everyone around him shows up, things go from bad to worse.

ISBN: 9781072912354
Publisher: Independently Published
Pub Date: 06/2019
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